Foreign trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan (January-May 2022)

The quarterly trade review: terms, indices, threats, risks, prospects and trends

Main conclusions


Kazakhstan’s trading volume turnover in January-May 2022 increased by 53.6% compared to the same period last yearAmid positive market conditions, export revenues from energy resources have been recovering since 2021. Thus, the price of Brent crude oil is more than $ 100 per barrel
Italy has become the leader in the import of Kazakhstan products, and its share in the export structure of Kazakhstan is 18.4%In 5 months of 2022, Kazakhstan exported mineral resources worth $ 23.2 billion, which is 81.3% more than in 5 months of 2021 (12.8 billion)
Machinery, equipment, vehicles, and appliances were imported to Kazakhstan for a total of $5.1 billion (4.1 billion for 5 months of 2021)By regions, the most was exported from Atyrau – 13.6 billion dollars, imported to Almaty – 5.1 billion
The Russian Federation remains the main trading partner of Kazakhstan: imports – 6.6 billion dollars, exports – 2.7 billionThe growth of world raw material prices are not able to compensate for the rise in the price of finished goods purchased by Kazakhstan
The change in the real exchange rate (REP) did not affect the trade turnover of Kazakhstan with Russia, while a sharp decline in the REEP may have a delayed effect on the trade volume and termsKazakhstan still has significant barriers to export, the basket is poorly diversified, and the structure of export products is dominated by goods of downstream activities
There is a threat of suspension of the main route of oil exports to Europe – the Caspian Pipeline ConsortiumIn the future China, India, Turkey, and Central Asian countries can become stable sources of imports and markets for the export of goods and services

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Внешняя торговля РК (январь-май 2022 года) Внешняя торговля РК (январь-май 2022 года)
ҚР сыртқы саудасы (2022 жылдың қаңтар-мамыры) ҚР сыртқы саудасы (2022 жылдың қаңтар-мамыры)
Foreign trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan (January-May 2022) Foreign trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan (January-May 2022)
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