The cost of the New Year’s table (12/26/2022)

According to the results of the third observation week, the cost of a New Year’s table for Astana city family has not changed, and it has increased by 0.2% again for an Almaty city family, as well as at the end of the second week.

The cost of the New Year’s table as of December 26, 2022

40 778 tenge (▲ 0.2%)39 418 tenge

Following the results of the week under review, the cost of cooking Greek salad and manti has risen by 2.8% in Almaty. The increase in the cost of Greek salad was caused by the increase in prices for cucumbers (+23.6%), tomatoes (+1.8%) and olives (+1.1%). The main ingredient for cooking the main dish – ground beef – rose in price by 3.3%, onions by 3.9% and flour by 1.2%. A more significant increase was smoothed out due to potatoes continuing to become cheaper (-6.6%).

It was the decrease in potato prices that influenced the preservation of the cost of cooking Russian salad and the reduction in the cost of dressing herring (-0.5%).

Beverages and desserts for the New Year’s table became cheaper by 0.6%, and fruit basket – by 0.2%.

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