Jusan Analytics estimated the cost of the New Year’s table

Jusan Analytics и Informburo.kz calculated how much a New Year's table will cost for a family of 4 people in Almaty and Astana cities.

Every family is thinking about the festive menu on the eve of the New Year festivities. And of course, everyone has their traditions and ideas about what should be on the festive table. But to calculate the cost of the New Year’s table, Jusan Analytics decided to consider the menu compiled by the editorial of Informburo.kz according to the “classics of the genre”: Russian salad, dressed herring, Greek salad, cold cuts, manti, fruits, cake and sweets, as well as juice and champagne.

The recipe of all dishes is available on Informburo.kz portal: https://informburo.kz/stati/vo-skolko-oboidyotsya-kazaxstancam-novogodnii-stol

A New Year’s table for an Almaty family will cost 40.577 tenge, and for a family from Astana the cost will be 39.428 tenge. We note that according to Informburo.kz editorial, a table for four people family in Kazakhstan cost 33,617 tenge last year.

We estimated New Year’s salads for a resident of Almaty city at 3.511 tenge (Russian salad with a doctor sausage), 3.216 (Greek salad) and 2.357 (dressed herring). And for a resident of the capital, they will cost 3.567, 2.793 and 2.543 tenge, respectively.

Cold cuts for the New Year’s table will cost 15.072 tenge for a family from Almaty, of which 9.358 tenge will be for the purchase of 140 grams of red caviar. The cost of cold cuts will be 14.644 tenge, considering 8.685 tenge for caviar on the table in Astana city.

A fruit basket consisting of a kilogram of tangerines, bananas, grapes and apples will cost 4.170 tenge for a resident of Almaty. A similar set of fruits for a resident of Astana will cost 3.861 tenge.

And manti made from 1 kg of minced beef will cost Almaty residents 3.097 tenge, and Astana residents 2.776 tenge.

Beverages and desserts on the New Year’s table will cost more for a family living in the capital than in Almaty: 9.244 and 9.154 tenge, respectively.

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