The cost of the New Year’s table (12/15/2022)

We continue to track the cost of a New Year’s table for a family of 4 people in two main cities of Kazakhstan. According to the results of the second week of observations, its cost for a family from Astana city has not changed, and for an Almaty city family it has increased by 0.2%.

The cost of the New Year’s table as of December 15, 2022

40 678 tenge (▲ 0.2%)39 418 tenge

Thus, cucumbers used in the preparation of Greek salad, green peas for Russian salad, and smoked sausage for cold cuts have significantly risen in price in Almaty – by 12.7%, 6.6% and 5.9%, respectively. And a more significant increase in the cost of salads was smoothed out due to lower prices for potatoes (-5.6%) and onions (-1.8%).

Potatoes and onions are also used in the preparation of the main dish (manti), which has become cheaper by 3%, including due to a 1.1% reduction in the price of flour.

Most New Year’s product – tangerines – became more expensive by 1.7% due to increased demand. In general, if we talk about the fruit basket, the prices of apples decreased by 2.1%, as for the rest its value has practically not changed.

The prices for drinks and desserts remained unchanged.

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