The Dastarkhan Index: December 2022 results

Index for Almaty citizen – 144 servings

The Index remained at the level of November despite the increase in vegetable prices during the New Year period.

Since the beginning of the observation window (May 2022), the Index value has decreased by 20 portions. Oils have risen in price by 25.3%, meat by 20.7%, and eggs by 8.8% in Almaty city for 8 months.

During recalculating the Dastarkhan Index according to official statistics, it will amount to 190 servings. Recall that at the end of November, there were 193 servings.

Index for Astana citizen – 208 servings

The Index continues to decline here. Compared to the results of November, it decreased again by 2 servings. This is due to an increase in prices for meat (+1.1% per month), tea and yeast (+4.4%).

Since the beginning of observations (May 2022), the Index has decreased by 10 servings. This was caused by the increase in prices for meat (+15.8%), butter (46.3%), flour and cereals (+11.1%) and sugar (+18.0%).

The Index calculated according to official statistics is 199 servings.

Personal inflation

In December, the personal inflation of Almaty residents was 0.04% (1.9% in November), and Astana residents – 1.6% (0.7%). And following official statistics, the level of personal inflation is 1.8% (2.7%) for a resident of Almaty and 1.8% (7.7%) for a resident of the capital.

The cost of products in Almaty city, excluding weights for cooking a set of dishes, tenge

Products  Jusan big-data    Official statistics    Difference  
sunflower oil and butter66274632+43%
flour and cereals837922-9%
other (yeast and tea)1801311891+51%

The cost of products in Astana city, excluding weights for cooking a set of dishes, tenge

Products  Jusan big-data    Official statistics    Difference  
sunflower oil and butter43805191-16%
flour and cereals9251086-15%
other (yeast and tea)1467911174+31%

Food prices changed slightly in December according to Jusan big-data and official statistics. At the same time, the prices of products following our data are higher than the official ones. The difference in prices, in our opinion, may be due to the slow reaction of chain stores to price changes or given the official statistics of a larger number of sellers, including small grocery stores and other more distributed intermediaries.

Interactive charts with detailed dynamics of the Dastarkhan Index, grocery basket cost and the prices of products at:

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