The Dastarkhan Index

The Index allows you to assess the level of personal inflation and purchasing power of residents of Astana and Almaty cities

Below are interactive dashboards related to the dynamics of the Dastarkhan Index, developed and calculated by Jusan Analytics team. We recommend you using the desktop version of the browser or switch to the “PC Version” from the mobile version for comfortable reading. The setting can be found in the mobile browser menu – three dots in the right corner.

Charts show the dynamics of the Index for Astana and Almaty cities. The calculation methodology is described on “Jusan Analytics made up the Dastarkhan Index” page.




* value to weight ratio of products

Comparison of prices for products, tenge

ProductsAverage priceMaximum priceMinimum price
Lamb, kg3 1004 6993 7207 1452 7903 200
Horse meat, kg3 7984 4005 6005 2403 3003 960
Beef, kg5 0154 4245 5405 3754 4902 900
Potato, kg17124921945095160
Carrot, kg11422115935089140
Tomatoes, kg4988016891 400365235
Onion, kg15220734242685100
Cucumbers, kg1 3561 3073 6632 670329250
Sunflower oil, liter1 1529421 6801 360665280
1 category eggs, dozen537593874753455440
White wheat flour, kg388373986639225203
Pasteurised milk 3,2-4%, liter465522788851270260
Yeast, packet (100 gr.)7851 0311 3802 000400300
Sanding sugar, kg513508570599455310
Groats of millet, kg6045131 104920260310
Butter, unsalted, packet (180 gr.)8871 1201 8802 047305288
Black tea, bohea, packet (200 gr.)1 7071 6853 0023 960765200
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