The Dastarkhan Index: October 17–23, 2022

The Dastarkhan Index in Astana is still 212 servings, and in Almaty – 153 servings.

No changes are due to the preservation of food prices in the capital, and the changes were insignificant in Almaty, so they did not impact the Index.

The cost of dairy products continues to increase in Almaty. Thus, the price of milk increased by 0.6%, and butter – by 1.6%. As we have written earlier, this is due to an increase in cost because of the inflationary background influence, including external ones. The cost of chicken eggs also continued to rise. Compared to the previous week, the price increased by 8.7%. This is due to prices to keep up with market conditions in response to the termination of subsidizing egg factories. Also, prices for tea and yeast have increased (+1.9%) due to the persistence of problems in global supply chains.

Interactive charts with detailed dynamics of the Dastarkhan Index, the cost of grocery basket and for products are at:

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