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Megatrends 2050

Jusan Analytics identified 7 megatrends

5 major economic events of 2022, and what to keep an eye out for in 2023

Jusan Analytics team summed up the economic results of the year and identified 5 major events of 2022

Market transit: “baby boomers” vs “digital generation”

If in the previous 10 years the consumer market lived up to the "baby boomers" born before Kazakhstan gained independence, then in the next 10 years it would have to be kept up to the "digital generation", which does not know the world without a smartphone.

23 August 2022 iconГазНефть

Kazakhstan's oil and gas industry review

Jusan Analytics team analyzed Kazakhstan's oil and gas industry

8 June 2022 iconОпросы

Sanctions rebound

Kazakhstan companies told how they were affected by sanctions against the Russian Federation

Россия под санкциями

Основные эффекты от санкций на российскую экономику, и возможные каналы распространения нестабильности на мировую экономику и Казахстан.