The Dastarkhan Index: September 5-18, 2022

The Dastarkhan Index is unchanged for the second week of September (compared to the results of August). So, the Index for a resident of the capital is 211 servings and 153 servings for a resident of Almaty. This suggests that the purchasing power of Astana and Almaty residents has remained at the same level.

The cost of a grocery basket for cooking Dastarkhan dishes has changed slightly: in Astana it amounted to 1,861 tenge (+0.05% compared to August), and in Almaty – 2,296 tenge (+0.2%).

If we compare the cost, then the grocery basket in Almaty is 23.4% more expensive than in the capital city. Consequently, food prices in Astana are cheaper, except for beef, cucumbers, tomatoes and millet. For example, the average price per kilogram of beef is 1,200 tenge higher in the capital than in Almaty.

Interactive charts with detailed dynamics of the Dastarkhan Index and the grocery basket cost at:


Compared to the previous week, the Dastarkhan Index for recipients of pension payments has not changed:

  • 58 servings in Astana;
  • and 47 servings in Almaty.
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