The Dastarkhan Index: September 19–25, 2022

The Dastarkhan Index for a resident of the capital has increased by 1 serving over the past week and is equal to 212 servings, for an Almaty resident the Index has remained the same – 153 servings.

In Astana, the grocery basket fell by 0.6% compared to the previous week, which is mainly due to vegetables (-5%). And in Almaty, on the contrary, there is an increase in prices for vegetables (+2.7%), but the current level of average wages still allows to smooth this hike.

In general, the grocery basket in Almaty remains 24.3% more expensive than in Astana. The increase in prices in Almaty occurred by 29.4% of the 17 commodity items used in the Index. In the capital, the average price per kilogram of lamb (+620 tenge) and millet (+114 tenge) has increased over the week, and tomatoes have fallen in price (-74 tenge).

Interactive charts with detailed dynamics of the Dastarkhan Index, the cost of grocery basket and for products are at:

Thus, the level of consumer demand calculated by the Dastarkhan Index in Astana is 38.6% higher than in Almaty.

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