The Dastarkhan Index: October 10–16, 2022

The Dastarkhan Index continues to remain at the same level for 4 weeks in a row. So, it amounted to 212 servings in the capital, and Almaty – 153 servings.

Since the beginning of the observation window (May 2022), the price of sugar has not changed in Astana despite the hype. This is due to the shortage and lack of updating of the product in online stores, the prices of which we follow to calculate the Index. However, this week there was a sharp increase in the price of sugar by 22.5%, which reflects the previously observed trend of its general hike in Kazakhstan.

In Almaty, at the end of the vegetable season was noticed by an increase in their cost by 2.0% per week. There was also a significant increase in the price of chicken eggs (+2.3% per week). In our opinion, this is due to the termination of subsidizing egg factories and adjusting prices to market conditions.

The increase in prices for dairy products (+0.9% for milk, +0.7% for butter) over the week in Almaty is associated with an increase in the cost of production, which is influenced by the growth of utilities, an increase in the cost of feed due to wheat and fertilizer prices.

At the same time, the current dynamics of the inflationary background do not affect the reduction in the number of servings for now. Relative support for this is provided by the growth of average wages and the influence of pronounced seasonality of several products. And in our

view, the end of the season for some products and a fairly strong price increase for others will lead to a decrease in the Dastarkhan Index soon.

Interactive charts with detailed dynamics of the Dastarkhan Index, the cost of grocery basket and for products are at:

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